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"Wyrding’s hushed music flows over you like a warm blanket, Schafer’s warm baritone voice soaring above fellow bandmates Brian Steele, Kyle Roessler, Bret Hartl and Jerry McDougal’s smooth lugubre. Gone are the overt folk influences of Wyrding’s demo, who have emerged from the cocoon with a sound akin to Benedictine monks performing funeral rites with modern electric instrumentation. Unlike their more conservative funeral doom brethren, Wyrding seeks out the dramatic not only in minimal execution, but minimal sound. They are quiet, unassuming, but are able to portray immensity with their subtle movements."

- Jon Rosenthal, Invisible Oranges


Instantly from the first moments of "Poltergeist," the mood is set for the entirety of the record. Leading off with exasperated breathing and far off, pained human voices, the band quickly launches in to a slow funeral march. Schafer's deep, guttural voice channels the darkest of vibes, as the rest of the band proceeds with a creeping, shuffling elegance. The pace is slow, but the dynamic alternates between heaviness and open space. With the addition of organ and the rest of the band contributing chanting vocals, there is more than a hint of liturgical drama to be had.

The pace and vocal style continues clearly into "Longing's End," but the band chooses to focus on a clean, old school hard rock/metal guitar tone throughout that contrasts the sacred music elements a bit more. That style continues into "False Concept of Voyage," which retains the big metal guitar sound, but a lighter atmosphere and more vocal harmonizing. The final result ends up being more melodic and folk-like though, before coming to an abrupt end.

On the second half of the album, Wyrding split between two short instrumental interludes and two more fully fleshed out songs. Opening with "Impression I," lengthy guitar soloing and tasteful accompaniment make for a lighter sense of melody that builds to a crushing crescendo. This segues brilliantly into the piano driven "Steaming Blood Ascends Beyond the Moon," an overall calmer work despite its grim title. Percussion is sparse, the guitar melodies are strong, and the vocals are lighter.

The following "Ahold A Wren" sees the band darkening things up a bit more, with heavier guitar and sharp, shimmering drums taking the focus. Schafer's vocals are a bit less doomy, but still have a tortured quality to them, amplified by the layered chanting accompaniment. The closing "Impression II" ends the record on a synth heavy, deep vocal note. The CD version includes the two songs from the Agony in Being single, which thematically fit with the rest of the release, though have an overall more experimental, cut-up quality to them compared to the more traditional song-like arrangements of the self titled single.

Wyrding's debut full-length album may not be for everyone, with its strict adherence to a dirge-like pacing and Troy Schafer's deep, sepulchral vocal inflection. However, its rich, yet deliberately sparse instrumentation conveys a depressing beauty that makes it a truly memorable record that draws from a multitude of styles without latching onto any one too specifically. It is an icy beauty that may take some time to fully reveal itself, but it is extremely satisfying when it does."

- Creaig Dunton, Brainwashed



"part funeral doom, part gothic opera and part ambient soundscape, but there’s a definite coherence found within its towering walls and climbing sorrow. There’s a gorgeous melancholy running throughout which harks back to founder and vocalist Troy Schafer’s neo-folk beginnings and the simplicity of that genre soaks in to the core of Wyrding and allows them to showcase beautiful compositions and stunning song writing.

“Steaming Blood Ascends Beyond The Moon” is one such track and the piano-led intro gives it a surreal lounge-act feel before breaking into echoing guitars that carry the weight of the world on their stunning progressions. Schafer’s voice is deep and passionate and here the band shine through the darkness with a song that moves in affecting waves. The lamentations found inside are deeply sorrowful and the band create an ethereal aura that transcends sadness and moves it on to another plane entirely. Wyrding is a unique record and one that may take some time to truly fall for, but once you’re there it will be difficult to forget the odes within."

-Bleak Metal



released March 1, 2016

bret - keys
brian - drums
jerry - bass
kyle - guitar
troy - voice

Mastered by Nate Ritter
Album design by Joe Beres

Label : Small Doses

all love might be lost...



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Wyrding Antigo, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Poltergeist
Untame love writhed,
revealed a geist
Her wound opened;
It rained down moon silvery rays

love you
love you

devoured your light
drank it completely

Congealed lust writhed alone
jilted in denial

love you

devoured your light
drank it completely
Track Name: Longing's End
over the backbone it crawls,
last red aglimmer
near draws the chill of darkness,

hear now those trembling tones,
church bells are ringing
raise up your blade to heaven.
Track Name: False Concept of Voyage
Near the vein,
hides the root of a tree stripped of leaves.
Nightingale echo’s songs from the deep.
On the eastern wind travels a flame.
boughs ignite
take flight


At the end
of the dim bitter dream shines The One

From the spear
flow the hours where all misery fades
bathed in light
bathed in light

On a grave
fell the fruit of a tree absently
Nightingale echo’s songs from the deep.
When the western wind carries a flame.
boughs ignite
take flight

Track Name: Impression I
Track Name: Steaming Blood Ascends Beyond The Moon
when they find your flesh inside me
don’t look backwards
hush, hush

fear my inner gaze, unstilled longing
streams of piercing love

how dull the blade
deep in the breast

the steaming blood
beyond the moon
beyond the realm of death

oh heart
hanging over the flame
the sun
The essence of all that I was

see the flowing come together
deep embrace, babe
hush, hush

in the dream world
there you’ll find me
nourished on our love
Track Name: Ahold A Wren
Death rides upon your ways like an Easter kite.
Sweetly end
Sweetly end my life

In ancient times you were mine.
When we _______

Breath softly stirs the dust over your grave I weep
Sweetly end
Sweetly end my life.
Track Name: Impression II
Love me just like you used to.
Forgive me everything.
Rest the hopelessness,
the emptiness